Mandy Muse Starring In “Step-Sister’s Play Tug of War With Boyfriend”

Bang Bros is pushing a new video starring Mandy Muse and Keisha Grey. It was published on Jan 15th under the name “Step-Sister’s Play Tug of War With Boyfriend”.

Mandy Muse confronts her step-sister, Keisha Grey, and tells her to stop checking out her man. Keisha got pissed off and left to her bedroom after yelling at her step sister. Mandy’s boyfriend , Logan Long, shows up and tells her to calm down that he only has eyes for her. They begin to fuck right on the kitchen counter. Eventually, Keisha shows up behind Mandy’s back and tries to lure Logan to her room. She undresses and signals to her bedroom. Logan tells Mandy that he has to use the restroom real quick but instead, he sneaks into Keisha’s room and starts fucking her. He finally decides to blind fold Mandy. This allows him to call Keisha over. He finishes everything up by delivering a giant load to Keisha Grey’s face while fingering a blindfolded Mandy Muse.

Previews of photos related to “Step-Sister’s Play Tug of War With Boyfriend” with Mandy Muse:

If you’re a member of Bang Bros then have fun with the full update! If not there is a trailer here.

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